4 Reasons why Stephen Curry is an MVP Canidate


Stephen Curry is arguably playing in one of his best seasons this year. After coming off his 1st career all-star season. Stephen Curry is looking to elevate his game into a whole new level. He is currently leading the league in 3 pointers made while shooting at 41%. Steph Curry is not only a shooter but he has grown to become a great leader of the Golden State Warriors. Here are 5 reasons why Stephen Curry deserves to become an All-star Candidate…

1. Stephen Curry has Handles

A big part of Stephen Curry’s game is his handles. He is able to shake defenders off of him at ease and is able to create shots.  Former NBA player Chris Webber said, “Steph Curry has the best shooting/handle combo in the history of the NBA.”

2. His passing skills

Since Stephen Curry is widely known across the NBA, teams feat him and try to prevent him from going off. This usually means Stephen Curry is double teamed. Stephen Curry has adapted to this by increasing his passing skills. He is able to find wide-open guys, which eventually leads to points. Stephen Curry is currently ranked #8 in assists, averaging 7.6 ast. per game.

3. Underrated Defense

Stephen Curry usually isn’t known for his defense. As a rookie his weaknesses was defense. He was small and had trouble guarding the veteran guards. However, now, Stephen Curry weighs 185 lbs and is able to keep up and guard these veteran guards. He averages 1.8 steals per game.

4. Leadership

Even though Stephen Curry is still significantly young, he is the leader of the Golden State Warriors. He is able to carry his teammates to victory. He is also a phenomenal play-maker and is able to get supporting players around him involved. The Golden State Warriors are currently the Top team in West and are no joke this year.

Here is the debate (ESPN First Take) that this blog post was based off of…


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Stephen Curry is an MVP Canidate

  1. I feel you, there isn’t and hasn’t been anyone quite like him. He controls the whole game when he’s in on both ends of the court. The only reason why he hasn’t been considered in the past is because of the injuries he had to play through in the past.


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