Junior Year Reflection


Dang, I can’t believe it is almost over. Just a few more days and we are home free. I have had a lot of ups this year, which include getting my license, making new friends, and having a fantastic track season. I’ll never forget my Jr year because it was, so-far, my toughest/funnest year in high school thus far.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had always dreamed of driving a car. So when I finally turned 16 this year, I didn’t wait on getting my license. Having my license gave me so much more freedom, compared to what I previously had. However, this freedom came with more responsibilities. Even though it was all fun and games in the beginning, it eventually became a chore because I am now the family taxi. However, I’d rather be the family taxi than not have a car at all because the pros strongly outweighs the cons. I am extremely grateful that I even have a car to begin with because there are many kids out there wishing they could drive but simply cannot. This taught me to always be appreciative of what you have. 

This years track season has been a roller-coaster ride. I have had my ups and I have had my downs. I started the season off flat and struggled to keep up with my PR’s. I was getting so frustrated, up to the point where my coaches and teammates had to calm me down and get me back into rhythm. When league meets started to come closer and when my team needed me the most, I stepped up. Simple as that. What motivated me was the success of my other teammates and the history we were trying to make to win 5 straight League Titles. I’ve learned that track isn’t just about physical attributes. Your mind plays a pivotal role into how successful you perform.

Speaking of teammates, my teammates turned out to be my greatest friends. Coming into this school year, I didn’t have many friends and I was extremely anti-social. I literally talked to my same 2 friends the whole day. It all changed when I finally opened up and introduced myself to my jump teammates. At first we were just normal friends and weren’t really that close. As the year went by, we started hanging out more and got closer. Then everything changed when we decided to eat at Denny’s after a long track meet. It was there were we really got to know each other by really opening up to each other. It was the birth of “Jump Squad.” Being a part of “Jump Squad” by far had to be my favorite part of this whole year. I really cannot see my life right now without them. I am really going to miss seeing the Seniors that are a part of “Jump Squad” because they had put a strong imprint into my life. However, through the advancements of social media, saying good-bye won’t be as difficult.

Just like saying “good-bye” to Theriault. Mr. T, was one of the best, if not the best teacher I had ever had. There are a lot of good teachers on this campus, but I haven’t met one better than Theriault. I love how he handled his class and had good lesson planning. You would never walk out of his class without learning something new. At the beginning of second semester, we had found out that a student-teacher will be replacing Theriault. After hearing the news, I was so bummed and I had wished it was a joke.Our new teacher was Ms. Marley. In the beginning of the semester, the work load was so much different from Mr. T. It felt like a real English class. Right now, I understand from her point of view that she was trying to get a job as a teacher do I understand why she was a little mean and gave more homework than usual. But as the semester went on, I could tell that she had been taking advice from Theriault because she became more like him. She was able to engage the class more, teach more life-lessons, and even brought family-friday back. All together, Ms. Marley did a fantastic job student-teaching. I love how she kept it real and help us remember that we are still all human and that we make mistakes. We can only learn by making mistakes. I want to thank Ms. Marley for being a great teacher and I wish her luck on her future endeavors.

Even though I loved writing blogs every week, this could be the end. If I don’t do blogs next year in my English class, then I am pretty sure this is going to be my last blog unless I feel like writing one. Well, anyways this was fun, but I am really looking forward to summer and I would rather be hanging out with friends than write a blog. Deuces!


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