Why Cross-fit is stupid…


A lot of people from all of different ages have tried the new way of working out, called cross-fit. What they don’t know its that they are really over-working themselves and are at risk for more injury than regular power-lifting. Cross-fit is used by many types of people, such as; police officer training, martial artists, and even your average Joe walking down the street. The growing population of cross fit isn’t good because people aren’t exposed to “real” power-lifting. Instead, they go to cross-fit where they mostly focus on repetition and workouts rather than form. ¬†Lifting without form is very deadly and can take a toll on someones body years from when they started. For example, dead-lifts work extremely hard on your lower-back which is a very vulnerable spot and is not meant for extreme weight if you do it wrong. Continue reading


Reflection Reel for 2014

2014 was a great year for me. I was able to do new things, meet new people, and achieve goals I never knew I could achieve

.fvhs track

In the beginning of 2014, was the start of my first track and field season. I didn’t know what to expect because never in my life would I have expected to be in a track & field jersey. In the beginning of the season I jumped farther than what I had expected. Thanks to my coaches I was able to place in sunset league finals with a triple jump PR of 35’10. Continue reading