Why assigning homework over break is useless…


What really bothers me about teachers is when they assign homework over break. They think that since we don’t have school we have “more time” to complete assignments. In reality, during break we actually have less time to complete assignments because we usually spend time with family and friends. The last thing we think about is school assignments. The day we do finally acknowledge the homework is the Sunday before we go back to school. By that time, we have little to no progress on homework and end up cramming it all in 1 night. Continue reading


Does Age Reflect Maturity?

This past week, voters across the nation voted for the person they feel is right to make a difference in their community. However, not all people could vote. There is a certain age limit for voting that the U.S inflicts on its people. According to the 26th Amendment, the legal age to vote is 18. Why did they choose 18 as the proper age to vote? A lot of answers I receive from that question is

“18 is the age when you fully mature.”

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