Junior Year Reflection


Dang, I can’t believe it is almost over. Just a few more days and we are home free. I have had a lot of ups this year, which include getting my license, making new friends, and having a fantastic track season. I’ll never forget my Jr year because it was, so-far, my¬†toughest/funnest year in high school thus far.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had always dreamed of driving a car. So when I finally turned 16 this year, I didn’t wait on getting my license. Having my license gave me so much more freedom, compared to what I previously had. However, this freedom came with more responsibilities. Even though it was all fun and games in the beginning, it eventually became a chore because I am now the family taxi. However, I’d rather be the family taxi than not have a car at all because the pros strongly outweighs the cons. I am extremely grateful that I even have a car to begin with because there are many kids out there wishing they could drive but simply cannot. This taught me to always be appreciative of what you have.¬† Continue reading