Rise to the Occasion

jump squad

We did it! Your Fountain Valley Barons took down the Los Al Griffins to win their 5th straight Sunset League Championship. The most in school history. Even though Los Al put up a good fight with great individual performances, it takes a team effort to win a championship. Before the match up, it was suppose to be a straight up draw and could have gone both ways. It was up to whoever would rise to the occasion. The Barons just happened to make it happen.

In the beginning of the meet, it looked like Los Al was going to steal our championship. It all changed during the Varsity 4×1 Relay. It was a neck and neck race but our Barons managed to hold them off and win the race. This race completely ripped the hearts of Los Al’s coach as he dramatically broke his clipboard on a couple of hurdles, while saying, “The meet’s over, We Lost!” Keep in mind that this occurred at almost the beginning of the meet. The Los Al coach already lost hope in his team and it just tore the hearts of the Los Al athletes.

Even though track is a team effort, there were some individual performances that helped spark the intensity of others. Ibtihaj Nyear, injured for most of the year, decided to do all jumps to help score points in the most important meet of the year. After a poor High Jump performance, only jumping 5 feet 8 inches (yeah, that’s poor for him) decided to use his anger as fuel to energize him for his next events. He ran down the runway and long-jumped a PR of 21 feet and triple jumped a PR of 42 feet. His previous PR’s was 19 feet 5 inches in long jump and 37 feet in Triple Jump. A tremendous improvement after coming back from a foot injury. A clutch performance when we need it most in the most important meet in the entire year against our greatest rival. This is what separates champions from the rest.

A year of hard work finally paid off but we aren’t done yet. Even though we are League Champs we still need to protect it in League Finals. We don’t want to get beat and end up co-champing. We must continue to stay humble and have the correct mindset until season is completely over. But until then we must continue to work hard and Rise to the Occasion.


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