Learning my Lesson


Middle-School was rough for me…I was really overwhelmed with the rapid change of work from 5th grade to 6th. In 5th grade, I had the teacher that never checked homework, never gave homework, and always loved to tell us about old stories and would rarely teach us the material. At the time, I really enjoyed this teacher because 5th grade felt like a breeze. When 6th grade came around I was really overwhelmed with the work because I was expecting another breeze just like 5th grade. Since I didn’t get the material, I slacked off and didn’t do my homework and didn’t study for my tests. All I cared about was having fun. It was all fun and games until report cards came home. I was e Continue reading


Going through a Slump…

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I started this years track season off with a BANG! My first long jump of the year ended up being a new PR of 17 feet 6 inches. That’s a 4 inch PR from last year. After getting that PR, I knew this was going to be a good year. My spirits were up and I got cocky and slacked off a bit in practice and fell into poor eating habits. When the next meet came, I found myself sluggish in all my jumps, and felt more tired than usual. I started to get pissed off and it just threw my mind off and I lost my mojo. Ever since that meet, I found myself struggling to get back to where I was in the beginning of the year.

This slump has gotten so bad, that it started to affect my other events as well. Coming into the season, I had a PR of 35’10. I got that PR after finally attempting to use the 32 foot board. When season started and after 4 months of training, I expected to be jumping 36-37 feet. However, I have been jumping far less and the slump continues to affect my mindset. It has gotten so bad, that my fellow teammates approached and just told me to “Relax” and “Breathe.” They noticed how tense I was and how frustrated I had become. It’s nice to know that I have teammates willing to pick me up when I am down. It just builds team chemistry and character.

So in these upcoming meets, I promised myself that I will be back to where I was and improve from there. I will do this by working hard, eating right, and getting the right amount of sleep. And most importantly have fun.

A video of me last year during a duel meet. Triple Jump 34’4

What I did this Weekend…


It was an early Sat for me as my alarm woke me up at 6:30 A.M. to go to an 8 o’clock Track Meet. I was dead tired and barely made it out of my house on time. I was really hoping to get a new personal record in all my jumps today because I have been struggling and I was looking to avenge my poor performances. As I was doing drills, I noticed a tightness in my left hip-flexor. I thought I was just sore so I decided to push through and work through it. When we started jumping, my hip flexor was bothering me a lot. I didn’t feel like I was performing to the best of my ability. As I finished all 6 of my jumps, I was saddened because my “hurt” hip flexor reflected my score. So in order to get that poor performance out of my head, my friends and I decided to visit Red Palace and eat Korean Barbecue. It was pretty obvious on who was the hungriest of us all. I couldn’t wait for the briskets to cook, so as soon as they were done cooking, I dove in. In total, my friends and probably ate like 6 full plates of meat. 3 of them were probably because of me. Then, all of the sudden, I had realized that I had ate too much and found myself in the hospital. The doctor told me I am about to explode so she gave me a magical pill to stop me from exploding. The doctor warned me to watch what I eat and eat healthier. So the moral of this story is know your limitations

Why Cross-fit is stupid…


A lot of people from all of different ages have tried the new way of working out, called cross-fit. What they don’t know its that they are really over-working themselves and are at risk for more injury than regular power-lifting. Cross-fit is used by many types of people, such as; police officer training, martial artists, and even your average Joe walking down the street. The growing population of cross fit isn’t good because people aren’t exposed to “real” power-lifting. Instead, they go to cross-fit where they mostly focus on repetition and workouts rather than form.  Lifting without form is very deadly and can take a toll on someones body years from when they started. For example, dead-lifts work extremely hard on your lower-back which is a very vulnerable spot and is not meant for extreme weight if you do it wrong. Continue reading

Reflection Reel for 2014

2014 was a great year for me. I was able to do new things, meet new people, and achieve goals I never knew I could achieve

.fvhs track

In the beginning of 2014, was the start of my first track and field season. I didn’t know what to expect because never in my life would I have expected to be in a track & field jersey. In the beginning of the season I jumped farther than what I had expected. Thanks to my coaches I was able to place in sunset league finals with a triple jump PR of 35’10. Continue reading

4 Reasons why Stephen Curry is an MVP Canidate


Stephen Curry is arguably playing in one of his best seasons this year. After coming off his 1st career all-star season. Stephen Curry is looking to elevate his game into a whole new level. He is currently leading the league in 3 pointers made while shooting at 41%. Steph Curry is not only a shooter but he has grown to become a great leader of the Golden State Warriors. Here are 5 reasons why Stephen Curry deserves to become an All-star Candidate… Continue reading

Why assigning homework over break is useless…


What really bothers me about teachers is when they assign homework over break. They think that since we don’t have school we have “more time” to complete assignments. In reality, during break we actually have less time to complete assignments because we usually spend time with family and friends. The last thing we think about is school assignments. The day we do finally acknowledge the homework is the Sunday before we go back to school. By that time, we have little to no progress on homework and end up cramming it all in 1 night. Continue reading

Does Age Reflect Maturity?

This past week, voters across the nation voted for the person they feel is right to make a difference in their community. However, not all people could vote. There is a certain age limit for voting that the U.S inflicts on its people. According to the 26th Amendment, the legal age to vote is 18. Why did they choose 18 as the proper age to vote? A lot of answers I receive from that question is

“18 is the age when you fully mature.”

Continue reading

I Hate it when…

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It really pisses me off when people chew with their mouth open. It isn’t polite and sanitary for those around you. People that do this either don’t have have bad manners or just doesn’t care about the well-being of others. Just hearing and looking at the slimy food in their mouth really pushes my buttons. It may not seem like a lot but that little thing can change my whole perspective about that person. The worst thing is, they don’t even realize they are doing it. Their parents, or whomever raised them, haven’t done a great job teaching their kid(s) about proper eating manners.  I usually won’t get mad at the person chewing with their mouth open if it is he or she’s first time being asked to stop chewing with their mouth open. However, if there is a constant reminder and I have to constantly ask, we might have a problem.

People that are aware that they chew with their mouths open and do nothing about it should really take not only this but all manners more seriously. It is important to learn your manners at a young age because if you want a place in this world you are going to need to use your manners to help get to where you want to be. For example, if you are applying for a job and have your job interview. The first thing your employer is looking for is your manners. It is almost impossible to find a job that won’t require proper manners. So the people that bluff this off and don’t take this problem seriously will eventually regret it because they will be struggling to find their place in this world.

Good Manners will open doors that best education cannot ~ Clarence Thomas