How track changed my life…


After playing basketball for my whole life, I was saddened to find out that I didn’t make the Freshman basketball team. It sucks because I knew I was good enough, but the coaches didn’t know how good I was because I didn’t attend summer camp that year. The three-day try-out  they held was pointless. It wasn’t the coaches fault, it was mine. I had to struggle and stay in P.E. as I watched my friends enjoy being a part of the basketball team.

When sophomore year came by, I vowed to join a sport so I didn’t have to live in hell (P.E) again. At first I couldn’t figure out what sport I should join. I told my friend, Ibtihaj (yes, that is his name), to join throwing with me. I chose throwing because all you do is lift and throw things. throwing didn’t really work out because you have to really big to throw. As shocking as it may seem, I am not as swole as everyone may think I am. Then, Ibtihaj told me that we should join Long Jump for track. I didn’t know that there was even a sport called jumps.I came from a small school so I wasn’t really exposed to track & field much. The next day we walk to Coach Bivens and ask him if we can join jumps. Right then and there we meet coach Kim and she led us through a jump workout. At the end of practice, she noticed we had potential and decided to keep us. Honestly, after her saying that she would keep us made me feel so happy because I knew I was a part of a team again. A feeling I hadn’t felt since the eighth grade.

Track is where I had met my best friends. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without them. It trips me out thinking that this would have never happened if I never joined track. My advice to people not on a part of a team, is to join some sort of team and create a strong friendship that will last forever. We are only in high school for a certain period of time. Might as well make the most of it. Also, remember that everything always happens for a reason. Even though there are days I wish I made the basketball team, I am glad that things worked out. Everything happens for a reason.


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