Almost time for season…


Dang…I can’t believe it’s almost time for season. We have all worked so hard for this moment. We are shooting for or fifth straight Sunset League Championship. We are looking to carry on what our last years Seniors started. No one wants to be the first team to lose the streak. Our coach (Coach Bivens) has given us moral support and told us we should be Sunset League Champions again. This year is going to be the year where the competition is at it’s closest. Fountain Valley, Edison, and Los Alamitos are all going to have a close match-up. We know Edison and Los Alamitios are hungry to win a Sunset League Championship. But, we are not ready to give up our championship belt just yet.

Knowing that our last years Seniors left, it is up to us to fill in those missing spots. It is up to us to step up. If we don’t then we can kiss our Championship good bye. Right now, we are all on the same page, we have to win this championship, not just for us, but for Fountain Valley Sports. It hasn’t been a great for Fountain Valley Sports. It sounds like Fountain Valley is getting wrecked in every other sport except Wrestling and Baseball. We need to represent track well and let the school know that we are no joke.

Before we were all on the same page, our team seemed lost as we were trying to look for our identity on the team. We are lucky to have a good coach to provide us moral support. Lately, I have been struggling in all my jumps. I started the year off with PR’s in all my jumps. However, after that meet, I haven’t found myself and it looked like I lost my identity. It wasn’t just me but a lot of other people on my team felt this way as well. Our coach noticed this and gave us a great speech about just believing in yourself. How could we expect other people to believe in us, if we don’t even believe in our-self. Track isn’t just a physical sport, it’s also a mental game. In order to get to where we want to be, we must be in the right mind-set, otherwise we can kiss our dreams good-bye.


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